Game Day Go and the Nokia/Microsoft AppCampus Program

by: @roomnoise

We’re happy to announce that Location Star has been selected for the Nokia/Microsoft 2013 Summer AppCampus group! For the next four weeks we’ll be in Helsinki, Finland working on Game Day Go, our first ever public app to feature Location Star’s services.

Introducing Game Day Go

Game Day Go will be available later this summer on the Windows Store. The app will keep you up to date with your favorite sporting events and on “game day” put you into the conversation to share the event with others as it unfolds. We’ll be starting by connecting your Twitter account to discussions around each event then moving to other interactions such as internal messaging, pictures, and video. We’ll be hooking in services such as Facebook and Foursquare to further share in the game.

Why Game Day Go?

We believe the design and features of the Windows Phone really shines in immersing users with event-specific content. We want to be the place on mobile to get all the info you need whether you’re physically at the game or just following it. A clean interface where content is front and center, less clutter more action.

Sign up here to keep up to date with the progress of Game Day Go as we move towards the release date. Also, anyone who’s a Windows Phone user contact us now, we’d love to get your feedback once the initial app is released.