It Can’t Be An “Ad” Anymore

by: @roomnoise

I was looking through the recent Business Insider report on the future of mobile and found it to be a good breakdown of many things that have been said before including that, overall, mobile is growing…fast. The trajectory path for both mobile use and mobile ad revenue is projected to triple in the next 4-5 years.

Mobile Ad Projections

The report has other insights. It shows just how low the CPM for mobile still is compared to desktop.

I don’t see this getting any better for a while either. For one, mobile impressions are much harder to quantify. Then ask pretty much anyone and they’ll tell you that the current mobile advertising experience (banners and page takovers) are annoying at best.

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New channels for Brands to reach consumers in foursquare (new Connected Apps platform API)

by: @adambauer

On June 28th, foursquare announced their new Connected Apps platform.  This new  platform gives mobile apps two channels to increase engagement and exposure with foursquare users and their foursquare friends.

  •  Channel One:  Inside the foursquare check-in
  • Channel Two:  Inside Friends’ Activity Stream


Channel One:  Inside the foursquare check-in

1.  The new Connected Apps platform allows an app to communicate within a foursquare users’s check-in IF the foursquare user has previously connected their foursquare account with the app.
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What Location-Based Marketing Can Do For Your Brand

Marketing requires the anticipation of consumer’s needs and wants. Successful marketing requires delivering these needs and wants at the right place and at the right time. With the advent of location-based services (LBS), brands now have access to valuable information by connecting with consumer’s through their mobile devices.

With the knowledge of time and place, brands can send powerful, more effective messages to consumers. For example, if an individual is studying at a college library, brands like Starbucks can choose to send messages, knowing that most college students run on coffee. The student will most likely respond positively to this message and is now more likely to make the trek to Starbucks in the near future. However, if Chanel sent a message to this student, informing her of new discounts or products, the message would be ignored and ultimately, ineffective. Location is everything.
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Foursquare and Bands

by: @roomnoise

Its cool to see different uses of Foursquare tips and todos evolve. One example is the group Quiet Lights (disclosure: I am a member). Quiet Lights has a few shows in October around New York and at CMJ. We can create a tip for a venue we’re going to be playing at with information about the show and a link to music. So for people checking in, they can view the tip and hit the link on their mobile device directing them to Quiet Lights’ Bandcamp page where they can stream music on the spot.

See it in action here:

Another idea I’m kicking around is linking to a clean, mobile-optimized webpage that can do things like exchange a free download for an email or a Facebook like. There’s all sorts of things you could do here really. The point is that you have people checking-in to these places and especially if they are at shows then there’s always that inevitable downtime where they just sit and play on their phone.

If someone could have immediate exposure to a new group coming soon to a venue they already support then a connection (and maybe a fan) could be made on the spot.