Foursquare and Bands

by: @roomnoise

Its cool to see different uses of Foursquare tips and todos evolve. One example is the group Quiet Lights (disclosure: I am a member). Quiet Lights has a few shows in October around New York and at CMJ. We can create a tip for a venue we’re going to be playing at with information about the show and a link to music. So for people checking in, they can view the tip and hit the link on their mobile device directing them to Quiet Lights’ Bandcamp page where they can stream music on the spot.

See it in action here:

Another idea I’m kicking around is linking to a clean, mobile-optimized webpage that can do things like exchange a free download for an email or a Facebook like. There’s all sorts of things you could do here really. The point is that you have people checking-in to these places and especially if they are at shows then there’s always that inevitable downtime where they just sit and play on their phone.

If someone could have immediate exposure to a new group coming soon to a venue they already support then a connection (and maybe a fan) could be made on the spot.