3 Location-based Tools for Brands & Local Businesses

Location Based Marketing is becoming the one of the newest and most effective channels of advertisement for brands and local businesses.

Brands can use location based marketing to create a local presence for the brand and send tailored messages that reach the consumer in a place to influence them towards making a purchase of the brand’s product. By utilizing tools like Foursquare, Google Places and Instagram, a brand can promote a strong online and offline presence further connecting their brand with their target audience.

Local businesses can use these same tools to increase awareness of both their store location and the products that they sell.




With Foursquare lists, a brand can “broadcast a message about one’s brand indirectly” and raise brand awareness. Brand lists give identity and connectivity to the brand’s target audience. After building lists, iMediaConnect suggests to “create tips” which are hints about what is interesting and valuable at a specific location. When someone checks in to the venue with the tip, tips from brands delivers valuable information about the venue and it also increases brand connectivity with the user viewing the tip.
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