Report: iSign Uses LBS to Give Retailers & Marketers Valuable Data

iSign operates by detecting mobile devices within 300 feet, and subsequently sending coupons, videos, and other promotional media to potential consumers. This allows retailers to extend their reach to consumers while simultaneously drawing in new ones. For example, consumers within the 300 ft perimeter may not have thought to visit the retail location, but may change their minds upon receiving the coupon or advertisement.

The promotional media encourages, but most importantly influences consumer behavior, strengthening the marketing abilities of the retailer. In addition to actually contacting the consumers via location-based messaging, the retailer can collect valuable data.

Upon receiving the message, consumers can choose to accept or decline the promotional media. Retailers can use the acceptance/decline rate information, and overlay it with the physical locations of the consumers. For example, it may be determined that consumers 300ft away are more likely to reject a coupon than consumers 50ft away.

The ability of the consumer to refuse promotional media also counteracts arguments that iSign enables an intrusive form of advertising. Because consumers have a choice, iSign can only provide a win-win situation for both parties.

iSign is not only free of charge, but also informs consumers of sales and offers discounts in a convenient way. For retailers, immediate data becomes available to them, such as the number of people who accept or decline the request. This type of advertising with measurement is invaluable for retailers because they can accurately gauge how well their ads are performing.