Google Jumps on Location-based Mobile Alarm Systems

Google has recently patented a location-based mobile alarm system that sends alerts to users based on the assumed location for that time of day. For example, the device may display local sports scores adjacent to the time if users are assumed to be at home, weather updates if on the commute, and stock prices if at work.

This system further personalizes location-based messaging to include time, which distinguishes it from basic “geofencing.” This allows brands to send more relevant and effective messages because users will actually want to receive these alerts at that time of day and at that place in time.

Despite this new development in LBS, the concern for consumer privacy has been raised once again. Applications will have to access personal information, and perform information tracking and storage, sometimes without our permission. With the element of time added, some users fear an even greater invasion of privacy.

But in an age of check-ins and push notifications, why not embrace LBS with open arms? Systems like location-based alarms provides users with notifications when and where they want, eliminating the hassle of manually looking up information or the need to be reminded.