3 Location-based Tools for Brands & Local Businesses

Location Based Marketing is becoming the one of the newest and most effective channels of advertisement for brands and local businesses.

Brands can use location based marketing to create a local presence for the brand and send tailored messages that reach the consumer in a place to influence them towards making a purchase of the brand’s product. By utilizing tools like Foursquare, Google Places and Instagram, a brand can promote a strong online and offline presence further connecting their brand with their target audience.

Local businesses can use these same tools to increase awareness of both their store location and the products that they sell.




With Foursquare lists, a brand can “broadcast a message about one’s brand indirectly” and raise brand awareness. Brand lists give identity and connectivity to the brand’s target audience. After building lists, iMediaConnect suggests to “create tips” which are hints about what is interesting and valuable at a specific location. When someone checks in to the venue with the tip, tips from brands delivers valuable information about the venue and it also increases brand connectivity with the user viewing the tip.


Local Businesses

Local businesses first step must be to claim your business in foursquare, do this here.  After you claim your venue, update all information about your business so it is 100% accurate.  Your business will be seen by hundreds of thousands if not millions of potential customers…incorrect information may result in lost customers. Next is to add tags about the products and/or services your business sells.  This will make your business appear more often when customers are searching for those products and services your business sells.

After you have setup your venue properly, create a special to attract customers to come to your store.  After you claim your venue and setup a special, you will have access to a report on the type of customers visiting your store that you can use to grow your business further.



Local Businesses

Having your venue correctly listed in Google Places improves your local business’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so it appears higher on Google searches for the product or service that your local business sells.

For example, when a person is sitting in Soho in New York and searches for “dog day care”, Google detects your location, and delivers results of nearby dog day care businesses that have been claimed and listed in Google Places.  If you have a dog day care business in Soho and you did not claim your venue in Google Places, your website will be listed lower than businesses who claimed their venue in Google Places.

These listings also provide detailed information on how customers can best contact your business and find out more information via your business’ website.  Google Places is also synced with Google Maps, which is widely used to locate places so when a customer searches Google Maps on their iphone, android device, or elsewhere, your dog day care will appear on the map.


If you are a franchise brand, claim all of your franchise locations in Google Places for higher SEO when customers are searching for your brand name product or service.




Instagram gives instant personality and continuity to brands.  Brands need to have a presence on the application as a way to “give a face to your brand”.  This visual can help connect your brand to customers.

Local Businesses

One of the best use cases of a local business using Instagram is the Fat Radish restaurant in New York.  The Fat Radish leverages their Instagram feed to show photos of items on their menu on their website.  This not only gives their website a great look, but it communicates the products they are selling to their audience on Instagram.

Here is a screenshot of their website: